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Galdaria was invaded by demons. Keld (Dwarf Cleric), Orrin (Human rogue/wizard), Kasimir (human Bard), Selinda (Human Paladin) and Adis (Human Ranger) escaped on a wayward airship, but only after seeing their kingdom overrun by demons. What looked like an escape has only opened their eyes to what is happening in the rest of the land. They have been joined by Serin, DuGall (on hiatus) and Kasimir’s (now a xeph wilder) identity has taken a bit of a turn.

The goblin land has undergone a revolution, with the party assisting in the dragon Starlet becoming its leader.

An unfortunate experiment with extradimensional space between Orrin and Kasimir brought Orrin to a foreign land, without the bard. But he met a woman who also calls herself Kasimir, who he has safely returned to the world with. Orrin is now blind from this adventure with sight of detect magic, and Kasimir’s mind is slowly being destroyed as two souls (of the wilder and the bard) inhabit the same person.

Upon their return, these two adventurers were summoned by Moidnar. Something had happened in Orrin’s mind, and a terrifying enemy leapt from his head and unfortunately killed the (Lawful Good) god Moidnar.

With Moidnar dead, the Trinity is slowly working south in its drive to overtake the planet. The talons have been sent against the party, and have placed a bounty on Keld’s head after he sent some of his followers to engage with the Trinity in the north.

Their inn, the Fallen Woodsman, is under siege in the land of Moidnar.

Adis must solve the mystery of an ancient sentient sword engaged in a war so old no-one remembers how it started.

Keld must gain more followers if he wishes to become the god he aspires to be.

Selinda is becoming more draconic as the days pass.

Orrin must find a way to restore his sight, but how can he do so without losing his magic detection ability?

Kasimir must act before her mind is torn asunder.

Sarin may follow Keld on the path of glory… will he?

The Fall of Galdaria